Nerve Agents
Expert witness on disease and toxins
Epidemiology and Toxicology Institute, LLC
Expert witness on disease and toxins
Epidemiology and Toxicology Institute, LLC
environmental expert
Expert witness in biological, chemical, and physical contaminants / indoor environmental quality evaluations and remediation  
Environmental Expert for Homes, Buildings, Schools,Farms and Workplace
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Mission Statement
The mission of the Epidemiology and Toxicology Institute is to promote, protect and preserve our clients' health and resources.
We use  these methods to prevent illness.
The disciplines of epidemiology and toxicology are applied to identify people at risk and promote actions to protect them
Areas of Expertise * Epidemiology  Toxicology Environmental Experts for Biological:  Mould, Bacteria, Allergens, Parasites, Insects  Chemicals: asbestos, lead, mercury etc.  Physical Agents:     Dust, electromagnetic
fields, radiation Emergency response services, natural and man made catastrophes Forensic Evaluation *Expert witness and testimony  consultation damage, water damage, water tracking, and water mapping in
Homes, Offices, Buildings, Farms,  Residential / Home Services evaluations OSHA courses,
 Industrial Hygiene  Risk Assessment  Risk Communication Public Health Education Indoor Environmental Quality  HVAC