The test cost $199.99 and includes:
*Test kit, chain of custody form, transit bag, return envelope includes lab testing and interpretation by Dr. Gilbert.  
(Expert Testimony or Remediation is not included with the test kit)
This kit will check for dangerous bacteria, molds and over 1000 other possible contaminants
Other services are available for extra fee's
Expert witness on disease and toxins
This is a power point presentation on "Indoor Toxins" by Dr. Gilbert.  It comes with a player so
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In Just 20 very easy steps give your home a clean bill of health      
Areas of Expertise * Epidemiology  Industrial Hygiene  Risk Assessment  Risk Management  Risk Communication Public Health Education
Indoor Environmental Quality  HVAC  Biological:  Mould, Bacteria, Allergens, Parasites, Insects  Chemicals: asbestos, lead, mercury etc.  Physical
Agents:     Dust, electromagnetic fields, radiation Emergency response services, natural and man made catastrophes Forensic Evaluation
*Expert testimony and consultation *
Building evaluations: Building damage, water damage, water tracking, and water mapping  Residential / Home Services evaluations
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Expert witness in biological,
chemical, and physical
contaminants / indoor
environmental quality
evaluations and remediation  
Asthma and Mold

Molds can trigger asthma episodes in
sensitive individuals with asthma.  People
with asthma should avoid contact with or
exposure to molds.

EPA/US Gov't
Sandy Victims with Black Mold or Bacteria Problems and those of Natural or Man made disasters needing a professional test kit