*  Environmental Expert for Homes, Buildings, Schools, and Workplace

* Conduct HVAC Indoor Air quality investigations in schools, hospitals, private and public buildings

* Conduct health impact surveys (studies) of  persons in schools, hospitals, private and public buildings

*  Investigate residential issues including black mold, water damage, fire damage, hurricane damage and insect invasions

Expert testimony

* Develop risk assessments for chemical, biological, and physical agents

*Review the health effect basis for environmental and occupational health standards

* Evaluate the impact of chemical exposure in health outcomes of specific populations

*  Evaluate the health based criteria for domestic waste and hazardous waste facilities

* Evaluate the use of indicator compounds to determine human exposure to biological, chemical and physical agents

* Evaluate the acceptable levels of exposure to humans for biological, chemical and physical agents

Teach courses:  

* Hazardous substances including asbestos, lead, mercury, cadmium

* Hazardous waste

*  Responding to natural and man made disasters

* Biological and Chemical Weapons

* Hazardous waste operations and emergency response

* Confined Space

*  Specific chemical training

* Blood borne pathogens

Emergency medical treatment of patients with organophosphate pesticide poisoning and Nerve Agent Poisoning.
Services We Provide
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Areas of Expertise * Epidemiology  Toxicology Environmental Experts for Biological:  Mould, Bacteria, Allergens, Parasites, Insects  Chemicals: asbestos, lead, mercury etc.  Physical Agents:     Dust, electromagnetic
fields, radiation Emergency response services, natural and man made catastrophes Forensic Evaluation *Expert witness and testimony  consultation damage, water damage, water tracking, and water mapping in
Expert witness on disease and toxins
Epidemiology and Toxicology Institute, LLC
environmental expert
Expert witness in biological, chemical, and physical contaminants / indoor environmental quality evaluations and remediation  
Environmental Expert for Homes, Buildings, Schools,Farms and Workplace
Work Place Violence Course,
Stress Management Course,
Critical Incident Stress Management Course