NEW YORK — A rare disease transmitted through
contact with raccoon feces has left a New York City
teenager blind in one eye and an infant brain damaged.

The city's Department of Health warns parents to be on
the alert for raccoon roundworm, which can cause
nausea, nerve damage and even death. It says fewer
than 30 cases have been reported in medical literature.

Health department spokeswoman Sally Slavinski says
parents should supervise children to keep them from
eating raccoon feces. Droppings should be picked up
using gloves and disposable bags and put in the trash.

The worms lay eggs in the feces; they hatch after being
ingested and travel through the body.

The teenager lost sight in one eye in January. The
infant has been hospitalized since suffering seizures
and spinal problems last October. They're from Brooklyn.
Baylisascaris procyonis / roundworm is just one of many diseases our native wildlife may carry. They are
best left for viewing outside of your living quarters.

Last Spring the Bakke’s returned to find their home in minor disarray.  Raccoons had entered the home
and found their way into the cabinets, food, linens beds and furniture.  Most disturbingly next to the
fireplace logs, was a small pile of raccoon feces.  The Bakkes called their insurance company for help.  
The insurance company did not know where to turn for guidance on raccoon contamination and called an
environmental cleanup company.  The environmental cleanup company referred the insurance company
to us.  
We understand the public health significance of raccoon intrusions.  We know how to develop a
comprehensive cleaning and decontamination program.  Finally, and most importantly, we know how to
sample for raccoon round worm (Baylisascaris procyonis) and other biological contaminants carried in
raccoon feces, urine and on their feet.  We co-developed the scientific method for sampling the raccoon
round worm indoors.  The comprehensive sample is analyzed under the direction of a parasitologist who is
internationally recognized expert in Baylisascaris procyonis.  
If you believe animals have intruded in
your home, contact us.
If you have Raccoons living in your summer home you may want to read the following and
make a phone call to an Environmental Expert. Don't trust your health to just anyone!
If you believe animals have intruded in your home, contact us.

In One Eye, Causes Brain Damage In Infant
"Parents should closely supervise small children in areas where raccoons live to prevent possible
ingestion of raccoon feces," said Sally Slavinski, of a Health Department unit that deals with
diseases that can be transmitted between animals and humans.

In the first case, a healthy infant who traveled to upstate New York last year started having seizures
and spinal problems last October. The baby has been brain-damaged and hospitalized ever since.
Then, in January, a Brooklyn teen who hasn't left the city recently, lost sight in the right eye.

Fewer than 30 cases of Raccoon Roundworm have been reported nationwide. It takes two to four
weeks for symptoms, which include nausea, loss of coordination and muscle control, and blindness,
to develop. Source: NY Daily News
Rabies, Bird Flu, Roundworm, Hantavirus just to name a few.....See an Environmental Expert
Eight of the 18 confirmed or suspected cases of hantavirus
pulmonary syndrome (HPS) came from the Southwest -- Arizona,
Colorado, and New Mexico. The remaining ten cases were in
California, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, New York State and Washington

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