Dawn R. Meyer is a Licensed Practical Nurse and a
New York State and New York City REMAC Paramedic.

She attended Mid Suffolk School of Practical Nursing,  St Joseph’s  College  , St.
Johns University’s ”Emergency Medicine Institute”.  Dawn Meyer is a member of
the New York State Medical Reserve Corp, Suffolk County Medical Reserve Corp.
part of the U.S. Surgeon General‘s  office, The American Heart Association
instructors Network , she is certified in BLS, ACLS,PALS. Mrs. Meyer also is
certified in NRP and PHTLS.  She is a trained Hazardous Materials Technician and
Specialist (OSHA HAZWPER 40hr course).  Ms. Meyer has training in Biological,
Chemical, Radiation, and Nuclear Weapons.  She works with the Epidemiology
and Toxicology Institute investigating the relationships between environmental and
occupational exposures and illness

Dawn Meyer has extensive nursing experience . Mrs. Meyer worked at New York
Presbyterian Cornell on the Intravenous  team. She was responsible to evaluate
adult and pediatric patients to determine the need for peripheral access, PICC
lines, or Central line. She identified proper site and placement of peripheral IV and
evaluated IV lines to determine need for change and new placement. Dawn Meyer
was also responsible for Central line access and blood draws on both adult and
pediatric patients.  She assisted in PICC line insertions and was responsible for
assessing and maintaining PICC lines and dressing changes. She has inserted
over 25,000 Intravenous lines in her career. Mrs. Meyer was a Medical Surgical
Nurse and Rehabilitation Nurse at St. Charles Hospital. She gave Pre and Post
Operative education and emotional support, dressing changes  and decubiti  care.
Maintenance  and assessment of  IV’s  , Hyperalimintation and Triple Lumens.
Monitored Blood Transfusions, maintained and monitored PCA machines.
Administered medications and other nursing duties. Dawn Meyer provided
additional Private Duty Nursing care ranging from a Pediatric Patient with Osteo
Genesis  Imperfecta  to a adult Quadraplegic patient.

Dawn Meyer is a Paramedic and was an E.M.T with 4 years experience.  As an
Emergency Medical Technician she responds to calls and provides efficient and
immediate care to the ill and injured. She performs many emergency medicine
care skills including administration of medications , Intravenous  lines, bleeding
control , CPR, AED and manual defibrillation ,administration of 4, 12, and 15 lead
EKGS and rhythm interpretation, oxygen therapy, Endotracheal intubation and
ventiliation,  immobilization of spine and injured extremities ,determining proper
medical facility and medical direction communication and carries out orders and
other various duties.  

Dawn Meyer is a Junior Advisor at East Moriches Community Ambulance. She
teaches Kids ages 12-18 that have interest in EMS. She educates them in
American Heart Association CPR / First Aid, as well as basic EMS skills such as
Collaring, back boarding, Splinting, KED, Stretcher, and many other skills.
Mrs. Meyer directed the Kings Park Day “Take Heart”, representing Suffolk County
Medical Reserve Corp.  At “Take Heart” she taught the signs and symptoms of
Myocardial infarction (Heart Attack), what to do, and “Hands Only CPR” to the

Dawn Meyer is married and a mother of four children, she was also a stay at home
mom when her children were young.  Mrs. Meyer enjoys spending time with her
children, being class Mom and being there for all the special times in children’s
lives . She also enjoys going to the beach with her family, and horseback riding.        
Expert witness on disease and toxins
Epidemiology and Toxicology Institute, LLC
Mission Statement
The mission of the Epidemiology and Toxicology Institute is to promote, protect and preserve our clients' health and resources. We use  these methods to prevent illness. The
disciplines of epidemiology and toxicology are applied to identify people at risk and promote actions to protect them.
environmental expert
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